Lexmark Instant Rebates



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Model Part Number Instant Rebate
Mono Single Function Laser
B2236dw 18M0100 $39.47
B2338dw 36SC120 $9.35
B2442dw 36SC220 $13.07
B3442dw 29S0300 $13.97
B2546dw 36SC371 $171.72
B2650dw 36SC471 $236.07
B2865dw 50G0900 $294.74
Mono Multifunction Laser
MB2236adw 18M0400 $79.74
MB2338adw 36SC640 $16.33
MB2442adwe 36SC720 $20.11
MB3442adw 29S0350 $127.31
MB2546adwe 36SC871 $291.88
MB2650adwe 36SC981 $550.83
Color Single Function Laser
C2425dw 42CC130 $13.97
C3426dw 40N9310 $138.34
C2535dw 42CC160 $40.11
Color MultiFunction Laser
MC2425adw 42CC430 $23.31
MC3426adw 40N9360 $197.96
MC2535adwe 42CC460 $55.97
MC2640adwe 42CC580 $325.98

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